with this one, simple exercise.

Meet Marie

Marie Masse is the Founder of Dangerously Good Stories and Fearless and Framed®. 

She’s a Story Strategist, certified noticer, daymaker, writer, podcast host, occasional speaker, documentary photographer, unschool parent to two, and mom to a bright boy with ADHD+ODD living in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Travelers Rest, SC, USA). She works to help busy, ambitious people sharpen their story lens and to savor their lives through unearthing & repurposing their tiny stories. In case you didn't know, you have lots of tiny stories within you and when you start using them, it's like a soul release.

As an extension of that, she encourages personal brands to go rogue. Put the “authority” and “expert” content on the shelf to forge meaningful connections through sharing personal, often off-brand stories within your brand. These are the stories that make your brand memorable. 


Marie created the Dangerously Good Stories 5-part Practice to help people move away from “Survival Mode” and step into living AWAKE and FULFILLED—by doing one, eye-rollingly easy action each week in an hour or less. Cool, right? 

Even better... it doesn’t involve making fresh gratitude lists or practicing more self-care. This is about meaningful, fulfilling steps. #nofluffpromise

Join Marie in her program, The Tiny Story Society. You’ll get 52 weeks of meaningful activities delivered to your inbox and a 182-page tangible Playbook (for your stories) delivered to your mailbox. 

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