Meet Marie

Marie Masse is the Founder of Dangerously Good Stories, Fearless and Framed®, and her newest project, Blue Ridge Brains

Her career was developed through niche construction, which means it's hard to put a label or title on! Her personal blend of special interests include:

Tiny story work, personalized meaningfulness, autonomy, lifelong learning, developing the skills of noticing details and responding boldly, being a culture critic (asking questions), social emotional education, being a daymaker, self-expression (journaling, writing, podcasting, speaking, documentary photography), unschooling or self-led learning for her children, marketing and business, and everything about the Blue Ridge Mountains. She's also a fierce advocate for neurodiversity affirmation.

Marie is a PDA AuDHDer recovering from CPTSD and raising two neurodivergent children with her husband. 

In short, she believes this: You have lots of tiny stories within you. When you start looking at them, and using them, you find untapped opportunities for meaningfulness, healing, connection, self-actualization, and more. Much like gem mining, you don't know what you'll find exactly until you dig in. 

If you're a business owner, put your "professional," "authority," or "expert" hat on the shelf. Use your off-brand stories more than you think you "should" and you'll forge rich, meaningful, long-lasting connections within your brand audience. These are the stories that make your brand memorable. 


Marie created the Dangerously Good Stories 5-part Practice to help people move away from “Survival Mode” and step into living awake and FULFILLED—by doing cathartic story work each week in an hour or less. 

Even better... it doesn’t involve making fresh gratitude lists or practicing more self-care. This is about meaningful, fulfilling steps. #nofluffpromise

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