Let one hour a week surge the meaningfulness felt in your life. Start your story work now.

Live your day-to-day with high levels of meaningfulness and aliveness as the rule—not the exception reserved for special occasions, weekends, vacations, etc.

Did you know that your tiny, personal stories are incredible guides? It's true. I'm here to help you unearth & repurpose your stories, so that you live awake for your life—not sleepwalking through—and reclaim the meaningful moments you've been leaving to chance.

You have more than "a" story. You have many stories. Most people think full on "memoir." I'm talking "micro-memoir." TINY stories. And, your tiny stories are your superpower. Really. To use them, your job is to take pause from that high-performing life of yours and to take notice. To savor the stories of your life that define meaningful. To examine them and how they infuse meaning into your life & relationships. Then, respond to them. Boldly. Use them to be a Daymaker. For your clients. For your loved ones. For yourself. Dangerously Good Stories created a 5-Part Practice to walk you through, step-by-step.

slow down. take notice. respond boldly.


one tiny story
can change 


You know the stories you'd go back in time to relive again just for the sake of enjoying them again? Those stories are happening now, too. Consider me a "certified noticer" helping you stay awake to notice your stories to savor.

i'm marie.


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