*NOTICE* Your People

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an exploration in why your people

who matter most matter—a free PDF workbook to slow down & savor the stories in our lives.


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Hi, I'm Marie.


You have dangerously good stories within you already.

The kind of stories that can shift your whole life, wake up stagnant relationships and make you feel alive through the thick of life.

Our mission is to help you notice and respond to your stories on purpose... 

because one, tiny story can change everything.

Creator of Dangerously Good Stories: The Practice & Host of Intentional Documentary®

I want to help you live wide awake for the stories that matter, so you don’t miss your life while: 

  • planning ambitious goals or “what’s next,”
  • doing the work, and
  • navigating the noise in your mind. 

Life doesn't wait... So, here's to less noise, more noticing.

FREE *NOTICE* Your People Workbook

Slow down & (re)connect to why your people matter... it's where the magic lives.

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