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The Ultimate Photo + Video Slideshow Creation Guide

  1. Great post! I am going to bookmark it so I can come back and try out some of this once I’ve finished studying in a couple of weeks.

    I’ve been learning how to combine video and stills in Photoshop as part of my Photography Diploma course I’ve been studying for this year. The very first one I created was actually for a timelapse assessment. I took over 3000 frames at an interval of 1 second, cleaned the images up in Lightroom and then imported them to Photoshop to create the video and add music and titles. They are having a workshop week at Tafe next week where I’m going to learn the basics of Adobe After Affects and I can’t wait! Here is the link to my timelapse video on YouTube, it starts with my sister almost 40 weeks pregnant and ends with my nephew at 6 days old…

  2. Kris Bayne says:

    I love mixing video with photos and music and I create a tons of slideshows for our clients and, of course, my family as well. Every year, my wife, a photographer with Orpheus and Aphrodite Music and Photography in Atlanta, gathers together her favorite pics of my family’s special moments and I get together my favorite videos and I put them together in a movie. It’s a different theme every year with great music telling our story. After the movie is completed in January, we have a big screening with all of our extended family with lots of popcorn and candy. It’s so much fun! The movies have grown in size every year. Last year’s was over 2 hours long and we had to have an intermission!

    I really enjoyed your post! Had to share on pinterest! Thanks so much!

  3. shannon watt says:


    My first video and documentary “day in the life session”!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Way to go!! Thanks for popping by and sharing with us. Did you like putting it all together? What software did you use to create your video?

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