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The Newborn Pictures I Wish I Had

  1. Elizabeth Hargrave says:

    Oh man I agree! My oldest also born in 2011 and his two younger siblings really don’t love sleep. My now I should be used to it. I wish I had pictures to show that because we live an hour from a grocery store and everyone hates their car seats my husband will get groceries and I will stay home never leaving our ranch for at least a month. Until I can’t handle that my husband brings home 3 apples and 15 tomatoes each week. Haha. I make a lot of soups.

    I love your work! Thanks you for sharing

  2. Gary Rawls says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My wife and I just started our business, and we have 12 children plus 3 grandchildren. One of the things we shared in our About Us link to our readers is that surprisingly we don’t have enough pictures of the things we love. Your story rings so true for us. We don’t have enough pictures of our children when they were newborn, and boy, it’s hard. So we take a ton of pics now, of everyday life, because we realize now how important it is to remember through portraits.

    We would like to link to this post in our blog (

    Your work is a treasure!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Thanks, Gary! I’ve been photographing so much and still feel like all the love & stories I do have aren’t enough – there’s so much and it goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? Thanks for linking to the post! If you’re in our (Facebook group), I just posted a photo of a 5 that I’ve filled with photos I’ve been taking of our daughter over the past 5 years. It’s pretty cool to see a glimpse into her life story and it was a lot of fun for me to go back through all the photos to pull out my favorites 🙂

  3. Johanna says:

    Similar memories here! I often think how I wish someone else was there capturing some of the most intimate quiet moments, the ones that really make me a mother. But then again, they usually happen in a very very very dark room, trying to put her back to sleep. I wrote an article on my blog about newborn chaos and how I wish I hired a documentary photographer to document this special time in our lives. However, it was a time where I didn’t even know such type of photography existed!

  4. I love everything about this– and I can relate 100%, especially now as I’m so far removed from those newborn years (even though I can still remember the way they smelled and how intoxicating it was when they fell asleep on my chest in a milk induced coma). I know we all say it goes by so fast, but when you’re in the thick of it, your days can feel stagnant– sometimes even like they’re moving backwards, or sideways really. I guess it’s good that we remember and feel remorse- maybe it will teach us to pause and be more present so we can truly appreciate and savor the moments that are happening right now. And of course take some pictures just in case 🙂 xo

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