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With regards to weddings, I tell people that I’m a documentary wedding photographer. But really, I’m just a photographer at a wedding. I resisted shooting weddings for so long, forever basically. The truth is that I just dont like wedding photography. I have an aversion to cheese and I see a lot of it in […]

Mike Riley on Saying Yes to Fully Documentary Wedding Photography

I’ve been slightly reluctant to write this blog, as I’ve had some trouble compiling my thoughts. You see, I just feel like my words could NEVER do this evening justice. Pure magic was in the air. I was greeted with smiles in the lobby as I finally had the opportunity to meet Cindy. We took […]

Sixty Years of No Regrets: Photographing an Anniversary Party

I wanted these AFTER the wedding photos to be fully unposed, but wasn’t sure how to do this as I got in my car, under the dark sky, before I met newlyweds, Andy and Kate, at sunrise. I’ve grown into a photographer that thrives on documenting motion and moments when no one is paying attention – […]

Sunflowers at Sunrise: An After-Wedding Photo Story

Brittany Majka of BAMPHOTO is a strong, intentional shooter. What does this mean? She is observant. Her photos are taken with reason – maybe it’s striking light, maybe it’s emotion, whatever it is, the affect of the photo is always a heart-tugging feel. Britt has this undeniable talent to seek those when-no-one-is-looking moments and turn them into […]

One Spontaneous Wedding Photo with a Lesson