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When I was five, we moved an hour up the road to the house I lived in for the remainder of my childhood. I remember standing in the bathroom on our first night. The sun was setting and the sky was glowing pink and orange out of the kitchen window, but in the bathroom it […]

Photographing a Moving Story + Thoughts on Memories

Have you ever thought, “I should get my camera and take a picture of this moment?” But you don’t… …and you regret it the minute the moment passes? You try to hold that spot – that bright, shining memory – in your mind. But years, weeks, even days later, you forget. If only you had […]

Photographing Your Kids’ First Experiences at the Dentist

Thrilled to share our first ever reader story! Kari Phelan so sweetly went out of her way to send in photos + a little note about how she’s been practicing documentary photography daily since reading some of our products. Seeing her photos made me feel so much pride and joy in F&F and what we’re doing […]

Thoughts on Making Pictures During Chaos at Home

Bribing and rewards go hand in hand when you have a potty training toddler… this was how we celebrated! On this day, Kendall deserved a big reward. We had been promising to take her to pick out any toy she wanted from the store. I actually don’t think we could have gotten in the car […]

Documentary of a Toddler on a Shopping Spree

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