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A few weeks back, I was visiting my parents and going through boxes of old photographs. Some faces meant nothing to me, but others did, because several years ago I sat down with my grandmother. I asked her about our family history (what she remembered of it anyway), who was who in some of the […]

Family History: No Food, But There Are Family Photos

Do you feel like you’re constantly censoring yourself when you write about your experiences? You kinda have to, right, or you might sound like an emotional train wreck. My dad likely only has a few good years left. I’m scared to death about what life is going to be like without my parents. I miss […]

Family History: Photos BecauseĀ I Miss Them Before They’re Gone

I hold these photos nearest & dearest to my heart. You know how you take a million and one family photos, but 95% of them manage to sit forgotten somewhere on your hard drive? Well this will be made into a beautiful fine art album for my daughter to treasure as the most precious memory […]

Photograph the Memories She Will Never Remember