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Shooting Under the Pressure of a Clock

  1. Claire says:

    Hi Marie, I completely agree. I have completed documentary sessions varying from one hour to 13hours. One hour, in my opinion is not enough. You hit the nail on the head, you leave wanting to give them more. You just don’t have time to really take notice of everything around you in that time. 13hours – I was exhausted, but the family went away with a time capsule from wake til bed and it was beautiful. I really got under the skin of the family. But, I do believe a really good documentary session can be nailed in 2-3 hours. 3hours is my preference, to allow families to really be themselves and allow for a lovely range of images from different activities and I can be that bit more creative too.

    PS – I have just discovered this website and facebook page and I’m in love. Can’t wait to read more. xx

  2. These are absolutely awesome Marie! So inspiring. Makes me want my grown-up kids little again!

  3. Marcy Morgan says:

    Hi Marie,
    So this is my 5th article from you that I have read and I am doing my best to try and absorb everything! I have shot events & coordinated a large photo shoot with a few models where they were in costume and just acted while I followed them around. With all of these sessions I was super happy with the results and in my element because I wasn’t causing an aneurysm trying to figure out a location, how to pose, etc. I just did what inspired me by capturing what was already happening in front of me. I’m am working on trying to shift my sessions to reflect this approach, but it’s not easy! It amazes me how much people resemble cattle in following what everyone else is doing, right along with the rest of the herd (I feel I can be blunt with you, based on what I have been reading, which is truly refreshing I must say). Thanks for giving me inspiration for my sessions, I was starting to suffocate with traditional sessions 🙂

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hey Marcy! People resembling a herd of cattle most times is such a great analogy! I’m so glad you’ve found the blog and hope you’ve made your way over to our Facebook group – – where there’s a bunch of us that all feel passionate about unposed, authentic sessions 🙂

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