Photography Income and Intuition

MAKE your life FEEL like A FUN GAME,

rather than something to survive & endure.


Photography Income and Intuition

  1. Sarah Chase says:

    I love this. Actually, I completely ADORE this!

    My images started to come out the same after a while- generic. I lost my confidence at some point and started to just crank out images that I thought people wanted. At some point, I stopped being myself. I kept one thing in there that I always do naturally, though, and my clients began to pick up on it.

    I’ll always remember the client that reminded me that I’m the artist, and that there are specific things that I do in every single photo shoot, regardless of who the subject is. This client gave back my confidence. At the time, I was focusing more on senior photography, but this client hired me for a package- maternity and newborn. During the maternity session, I said, “Okay, I’m going to have you both come here in the tall grass, and I”m going to shoot through it.”

    The reply amazed me. “I love it when you do things like this!!”

    That’s when it hit me. My “fly on the wall” angles were my favorite shots usually- but in that moment I realized I wasn’t the only one paying attention to this. With every idea that followed, I heard over and over “you’re the artist!” and “I trust you!” (even during the newborn session!). When they ordered, they mentioned ordering my “art” (vs “pictures” or any other term).

    In order to have more clients and experiences like that, I need to SHOW what makes me SHINE. That’s why I love this post so much- it’s so correct!! Off to do my homework. <3 xo SC

    • MarieMasse says:

      Love your comment!! What I want to know is why the heck do we tend to beat ourselves up? Like why do we assume we are doing something wrong, when in actuality, our creative judgement is usually spot on? Once we are freed from this thinking, the possibilities are endless – for real!

      • Sarah Chase says:

        Right?? It’s all psychology and internal reasons I’m sure! I know confidence was/ is a struggle for me. Freeing ourselves is a huge relief. (To others- one trick is to stop comparing!) <3

  2. Andrea says:

    I really really love this. It’s almost as if this was written just about me. I have just finished my first year of photography in “business”.

    Photography for me started 5 years ago when my son was born. I wanted to catch every little moment. I wanted to remember everything, and still do. I started to get really good and my friends / family started encouraging me to do it for money. After enough encouragement I took that leap. I took on almost any client who was willing to let me shoot them.

    This past year has been a Rollercoaster of not feeling good enough compared to other photographers and feeling empty because the posed images are not what I want. The images I absolutely love and cherish of my son are the details, him practicing writing his letters. The images where he doesn’t realize I’m taking photos or just doesn’t care.

    But at the same time I’m scared because I have worked so hard over the last year getting to the point I am at with the clients I have. Starting over is scary and intimidating even though I am not happy with what I am producing for those clients.

    But I am incredibly thankful for F&F for helping me realize this and beingso encouraging. Thank you!

    • MarieMasse says:


      We owe it to ourselves to let our inner artist be the seed in our business. I’m so happy this post resonated with you. I’ve seen many photographers implementing “A Day In The Life” sessions as an extension of their brand. It allows for the photographer to be the documentary photographer within without completely shutting down the rest of their business. Maybe that is a good place to start for you ūüôā Thanks for the comment love!


  3. Marlena says:

    Holy moley, this is probably by far the most incredible and inspiring photography article I’ve ever read in my life. In fact, I’m almost speechless. Thank you so much for writing this! And all of your other articles! I’ve been reading through them all after discovering your blog and I am just so enamored by your authenticity honesty. I’m going to do this homework asap and start moving myself in the right direction.

    • MarieMasse says:

      Marlena, thank you for taking the time to send me a little note and for the compliments! I feel so strongly how I got to where I was in business, before I had my ah-ha moment, and just know that others likely feel the same. It feels amazing to be on a path to where my heart wants to go and I these posts do that for others. Have a nice weekend!

  4. April says:

    Wow! I just started creating my new website and brand. I keep going through old files trying to find the shots that are more authentic, but I’m finding that I don’t have many! Those are the shots I want to be taking. Last night, after finding your blog, I went to the park with my 4 boys and started taking pictures of them interacting and playing together. Getting details, expressions, etc… I love them!!! These are the things I want to remember. It was so invigorating. I guess I didn’t really think people would pay for that style of photography. But reading this has changed my mind. So, now I’m off to work on tweaking my new site to reflect MY style.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Yes!! I feel like we could be documentary photography besties. When I first started out I was shooting seniors and “glamour” and doing the whole senior model thing. My heart was not in it and to be honest I was not that great! Ever since transitioning to documentary-style photography I have a new love for photography and my passion shows in my photos now. I finally found my “niche” and have clients who understand me now, when before I was trying to be someone I wasn’t.

    As you said, it feels amazing to finally feel like you are on the right path and doing what feeds your soul. Love this so much <3

  6. Perla Farias says:

    Thank you soooo much for this post! I really needed to hear/read something like this. I see so many beautiful photos and I say, those are so pretty but they’re not me. They’re not the type of work I want to do yet I still find myself struggling to make my work good enough to search for my style. I actually think I know what my style is but I think I have a hard time projecting this with clients. I did a 365 project two years ago and it really transformed my work, people started to notice, but when I had to do it for others, I freaked out and didn’t end up doing a good job. I thought they just wanted something pretty and afraid they might not like what I actually see, and honestly I’ve mainly struggled with this because people are sooo hard on themselves with body image and the few family/friends that were brave enough to tell me they didn’t like the photo I took of them because they didn’t like how they looked, really broke me down. Sooo‚Ķ.thank you for reminding me why I’m really doing this. If people genuinely like MY work, MY art, then they will trust me. I hope.

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hey Perla! Thank you for commenting. There is a brilliant, brilliant post being published on our blog this Thursday from guest writer, Michelle McDaid, that I KNOW will help you – or at least boost your confidence ūüôā Keep your eye out for the post and keep practicing – you’ll get closer to your dream before you know it!

  7. Erika says:

    Thank you so much for this!! No money is enough when you’re not in love with a particular shoot/style. And people sending Pinterest pins to show what they want copied/replicated, really Over that. I haven’t formally started a business per say, and that’s mainly because I don’t think I’m a good “order taker”. The Photos that take my breath away are truly the ones where my subjects don’t realize they’re being photographed. Birth photography is definitely something I would love to explore in the future. Love, love, love your blog. I learn so much every time. I’ve been thinking of starting a project 365 or 52, to re-ignite my passion. I started a blog a while ago, but it wasn’t photography related. Perhaps I could redirect it or use a platform like Zenfolio to document my creative journey and find my Voice?? I’ve found that I don’t like what other do. When I show an image off with pride, I often get – confused look from husband. I’ve learned that it’s ok, as photography is art, and is a matter of taste, ? Again, thank you for the inspiration.

    • MarieMasse says:

      You’re welcome! And this made me laugh, because I get the same “yeah… ok” look from my husband when I show him a photo I LOVE LOVE LOVE. My husband and I have very different styles, but you’re right, that is ok!! Thanks for the compliments on the blog too!

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