Favorite Lens Choices for Documentary Photography

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Favorite Lens Choices for Documentary Photography

  1. April says:

    Thank you! I’ve been wondering about lenses! I have a 50 that I love, but I am worried that it won’t work for indoor shots. It’s great for close ups of course, but sometimes I feel that I am backed up to a wall and still not able to get the shot that I want.
    Does that happen to you? Do you change lenses for certain shots or pretty much keep the same lens on for the entire shoot?

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi April!

      Yes at times the 50mm isn’t wide enough for a full scene when inside. I love photographing details and not getting a wide angle most of the time. If I need more space, I will use my 35mm and that usually does it for me. During the day – a 24-70mm at 24 is also fabulous inside. It doesn’t give you as much light in low light with its 2.8 aperture. I usually have my 50mm lens on most of the time, but will adjust as needed if I have any creative thoughts that come to mind where I may need another lens 🙂

  2. Karl Green says:

    Good choices. But for me i like a 35mm prime 1.4 . Along with a macro 80 or 90mm. With this pair i can cover the subject in their location using the 35mm even in low light. And using macro for detail and portraits. Also lightet than big zooms. Also a quality lightweight compact like lumix lx100 for backup and less conspicuous shooting.

  3. Aaron says:

    I agree on keeping kit choices tight for documentary photographers. I’m a former British Royal Marine Commando, now documentary photographer covering war and conflict, and all I ever use are a 35mm and 50mm on two camera bodies. That’s it. It keeps things looking consistent, gives me fast wide apertures for less than perfect lighting situations, and ensures I’m shooting, not fumbling for lenses when I’m in the field.

    Great artcile.

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