Fearless and Framed's Double Dog Dare to Photographers

MAKE your life FEEL like A FUN GAME,

rather than something to survive & endure.


Fearless and Framed’s Double Dog Dare to Photographers

  1. Paige says:

    Love this post! I’m so excited to follow along on your new project. I’m at the beginning of my photography business and it took me all of one month to find out that I don’t have it in my heart to do posed sessions. My passion lies in making art from honest moments in life. I look forward to reading more on your new website!!

  2. Ari Dorfman says:

    I love this post. I totally agree with posed photographs having no life or soul. This is totally and eye opener. I do want to relive memories of my children and my wife and to feel that emotion again when I look at them years down the road. I totally feel like my clients want this to and I will strive to provide that for them.

    • MarieMasse says:

      Thanks so much, Ari! I think you bring up a good point – clients do want this too. They just don’t see or understand it from our perspective and it’s up to us to enlighten them. Thanks for the feedback!!

  3. Mitzi Emig says:

    Hi Marie! I am excited about this post! I am drawn to the ‘story’ of a session, not just the session itself …. It is a reflection of not just what I have the ability to create, but to capture …… Keep sharing your perspective!!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi Mitzi!

      Thank you so much for the feedback. You are so right in that we have this incredible gift that allows us to be like journalists while creating art. Shoot from your heart and you can’t go wrong xoxo

  4. It felt like you were speaking to my soul with this post!! My favorite way to spend a relaxing evening is with a glass of wine and a box of old photo’s. I love finding all the details in the photo’s from cereal boxes on the fridge to the clutter on the table. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi Courtney! So true!!! Gosh I love pulling out my box of old photos too. With time moving along, each time you look at those old photos you have a new perspective too. Glad you liked the post 🙂

  5. Kristy says:

    Thank You!!!

    This is exactly the direction I want to take my photography, and have been slowly making the changes to push it in that direction.

    I don’t know how I came across this page, but it was obviously mean to be!

    I’m feeling inspired!

  6. Agi Szabo says:

    Dear Marie, I can’t be grateful enough for this post, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, somewhere I knew which direction I wanted to go, but thanks to you and your post it is crystal clear now. It will be a very exciting experience, how I will be able to succed this way or experiment :), and how my clients will love the idea and the photos. Wil I be able to find the art, the beauty in these moments? I mean how to make these photos professional, more than “anybody could do with a good camera”. Or this is where the talent and the technical knowledge comes? (I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, my english is poor)
    Thanks again, Agi from Hungary

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi Agi,

      Wow from Hungary!! So exciting 🙂 You have brought up a great question!! I actually have a blog post coming out soon about the very same thing – will I be able to find the art and beauty in these moments. I will try to remember to come back and post the link here, but here is the short answer. YES. I can only speak for myself, but I believe that having a photographer for these types of documentary sessions is way more valuable than anyone freely clicking with a camera or even a cell phone camera. The technical skill is one thing, but to anticipate a moment also plays a huge roll. It takes a lot of practice to master anticipation. It takes a state of awareness that I think only a photographer can bring to the table — someone (not a photographer) having a camera in hand can click candid moments, but they aren’t IN them. They aren’t fully living the moment if they are shooting also. I believe the beauty comes from the realness of the photos – the details, the authenticity, and then also the technical skill with light and composition.

  7. Kari says:

    I just dove into all the good stuff I got from the shop, and this post just gives me what I need to get it going, thank you! I’ve spent the last six months trying with all of my might to start taking the photos I want to be taking, and have struggled to get my vision across to clients. I know what I need to do now, and I’m so excited to put it all into use this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • MarieMasse says:

      That’s some good stuff, Kari! So happy you have found your vision – that is half the battle right there. Even when we hit road bumps, sometimes just a little shift in our approach is all that is needed. You’ve got it in the bag for 2015! Happy New Year 🙂

  8. Sierra H says:

    I think I literally just had my ah-ha moment!! Thank you bunches!!

  9. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for this – I love what you have to say and it is all so true – when I got down to the older posed photos I realized I have had the same feeling (no connection to the people in the photos compared to those that show emotion/are documentary) but hadn’t ever put it into a thought or words.
    I have spent the last 8 years taking these kinds of photos of my own family but for some reason when I started photography as a professional I immediately swung over to posed sessions, even though I knew they didn’t make my heart sing and I wouldn’t necessarily value those for my own family.
    I’m ever so slowly moving toward the documentary style sessions but it is certainly frightening to try to get clients on board. I love the dare to make the list – a great place to start with them!

    Thanks again!

    • MarieMasse says:

      You are welcome! As you can probably tell, we are pretty passionate about documenting over here. It is so new and foreign to clients, that it’s no lie that it can be a challenge to implement this type of a session. The best part is that just think of the sessions that are popular that never were. In my parent’s generation, they didn’t do engagements. Trash the dress was once unheard of. When I was a high school senior, we did photos at a local studio – indoors. Wherever your heart takes you, people will follow when you have passion. Thanks for the comment love!! xoxo

  10. Karen says:

    So excited to have found your site! I am making the leap to doing “day in the life sessions” and am so glad to have insight from others. I saw your question list too and was excited to add it to my list of tools because I was planning on doing a questionnaiire to help with my documenting but also using answers in the presentation of my pictures and in the creation of my album! I do in person sales and I just know that combining the written word with photos of their memories with be the ultimate! I am so excited to go down this path!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for taking a few moments to share your kind words!! I totally agree that the combination of words and photos will truly help them think a lot deeper! 🙂

  11. Kathleen says:

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is perfection and you have inspired me so much. In my personal life, and in my business!! xo

  12. Meghan says:

    So inspiring….so much of where I would like to take my photography this year.

  13. Ayu Srimoyo says:

    For a long time I’ve been trying to articulate what I like to do (my style, if you prefer it) in photography. I know what I want, i just haven’t found words to express it; and never has anyone articulate it so beautifully like you. A documentary style photos. Up ’til now I just tell people that I love making photos that tell stories, that will record memories and tug your heart when you see them, whenever anyone asks. At times it feels like a really lonely road to take, after seeing the Avalanche of cute/extravagant fully propped lifestyle ‘world’ out there. Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful, but it’s just not me. I love ‘real’ moments and connections that the documentary style can capture. They are the photos you keep forever…

    Thank you for this post. It’s very inspiring to me. YOU speak to me. Keep doing what you do. I wish you well. x

    • MarieMasse says:

      Your words sound exactly like how I once felt! A lonely road indeed after seeing the Avalanche of photos that just aren’t us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! And stick around, because we’re planning on making Fearless and Framed a place where documentary style photography truly shines.

  14. Spring says:

    i take the dare…. funny, this is how i shoot my family… not my clients. Time for a CHANGE!!!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Woo hoo!! Share with us some of your documentary style photos when you start shooting them with clients! We want to encourage everyone that it IS possible <3

  15. Stephanie Butler says:

    I LOVE this! I have been hesitating for a minute now wanting to buy the session idea book, and what this post says really resonated with me. I have gotten burnt out on posing families and want to photograph more documentary style sessions, and what you said today made a light bulb go off. I love the idea of making the list, and then building upon that for their session. Thank you for the challenge and the dare…I will be working on it!!! 🙂 AND I’m going to buy now!!!

    • MarieMasse says:

      So happy this post helped you. You will be able to put all the pieces together and rock your sessions after the inspiration you are about to gain from Session Sparks for sure!! xoxo Thanks for taking the time to send me this sweet note 🙂

  16. Amanda says:

    This has given so much clarity! All along I thought the way I photographed was ” “lifestyle” when in fact I am a documentary photographer to the core. Now I know how to explain it to clients and make the required changed. So helpful!! Thank you so much.

  17. britt hueter says:


    this is my 2015 goal, and I can’t possibly love every single word I just read more.


  18. Heather says:

    I absolutely LOVED this! And I absolutely LOVE documentary style pics. But I can’t thank you enough for the creative idea you have suggested to get the juices flowing. There is never a time when looking at old photos is bad. They always just make you feel better, especially the ones that truly show you what once was. I believe I am someone who tries to think outside the box more than not, so I appreciate you sharing this. It’s not always easy. Babies posed with balloons, cute. Babies playing with or watching balloons, not only cute, but emotional to see! Thanks so much for this. Will be sure to follow along 🙂

    • MarieMasse says:

      You are so right – ‘there never is a time when looking at old photos is bad.’ When you look at old photos, the flaws disappear. What crooked horizon? You only see the memories. Thanks for the comment love 🙂

  19. Cicely says:

    I am in the middle of a project 365 and this really resonates with my desire to capture our lives in the most raw and REAL way possible! Not posed. Not stylized. Real. Thank you so much! I will be sharing this article!

  20. Love this post – currently trying to put together a family shoot for the older generations of a family, and this has provided so much inspiration

  21. Carla Cristina Brum de Souza says:

    Adorei o post! Sou nova na fotografia (apenas dois meses como profissional) e fico muito insegura com minhas imagens.
    Quando se tenta algo mais natural fica mais fácil e mais bonito também.
    Espero um dia ter fotos lindas neste estilo!

    Translation: Hello!
    Loved the post! I am new in photo ( just two months as a professional ) and I’m very insecure with my images .
    When you try something more natural it becomes easier and more beautiful too.
    I hope someday to have beautiful photos in this style !

  22. Michele says:

    This is such a great post! I am excited that my friend shared your site with me and look forward to learning more how to move my work in this direction as it’s what I love so much!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Thanks, Michele! Welcome to the site & I hope you gain a ton of inspiration and new knowledge here!

  23. Beautifully written and inspiring piece. We are documentary wedding photographers based in the UK. We are on the brink of starting to do more family photography after we did a documentary maternity session for a former bride of ours and loved it. If we do family sessions this is exactly what we love and want to produce. Thank you Marie this is just what we have been looking for, and we stumbled across your site by accident, what a lovely and inspiring discovery. Live the dream, see you on Instagram 🙂 x

    • MarieMasse says:

      I love your comment!!! So happy our paths crossed. We’ll be adding more wedding photography to our site in 2016, so I’d love to see you submit to be featured (link is in our navigation menu) 🙂

  24. Jayne Carter says:

    I have been trying to sell this idea to clients for a year or so, but am finding difficulties. I love the article and will read the e-book too for more tips. I agree that posed and staged shoots are boring and unflattering for the client. I am still trying to increase my clientele and build a photography business. If I can do that with this type of photography, I would feel blessed!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi Jayne!

      This genre is still a bit new to clients, but more and more photographers are finding sessions. In fact, one of my mentor student just booked 2 at her full rate, not discounted, over the last day. You should check out the Mastery Moment-Seekers course when it becomes available again. I have no doubt it will help! http://www.masterymomentseekers.com

  25. Vianna says:

    This is PERFECT.

    I have been struggling with my little business for a while and wanting to go where my passion lies, documenting moments and memories, but am finding that many of my clients just don’t get me…they love the photos I take, but when I go to take theirs, I can see their faces and know that they are not getting the whole “DONT POSE, just do what you do…BE YOUR SELF!” comments.

    I can’t thank you enough for getting what was in my head out on paper…and also how to help my new clients see the beauty of documentary style photography.
    Its all about the emotion and the memory that you feel when you look at a photo.
    I love watching my clients faces when they see their final images, but this is going to help THE CLIENT understand the image so much more.

    Again, Thank you for being such an inspiration.
    A photog friend who knew I was struggling sent me your way…Im so glad she did, and I look forward to reading more of your posts…Im off now to do my list!

    • MarieMasse says:

      Hi Vianna! Thanks for the warm feedback and thank your friend for the referral! We have free tools on the blog + tools in the store that help with client education – that is truly the golden ticket. Be on the lookout soon for a free webinar about using beginner photography workshops for moms as a platform to hook moms onto the documentary approach for their next family session 🙂

  26. Tanya says:

    Marie, I’m in tears. This is the photographer I want to be. Every day I wake up wishing I had a photog on the wall because I know one day I won’t remember the tiniest moments with my family. Like the way my boys look at me or kiss me or smile at me. The way they cry because they want some of my food or whatever crazy thing they do. Thank you for this post.

  27. Lizzy says:

    Love this. Great perspective. I can appreciate all styles…lifestyle, posed, documentary. I think the photographer has a lot to do with what is captured. Which I why I will never stop learning.

    • MarieMasse says:

      Agreed! And we should never shoot for a label – it should always be what inspires us 🙂 Love your keep-learning attitude!

  28. Krista says:

    I am on the verge of tears almost! I LOVE this post and your blog is my new favorite! This type of photography is where my passion is. My family has always been picture takers. We have albums and albums of old photos and my family is constantly digging for family history. So naturally as a kid me and my sister would buy disposable cameras and have my grandma and mom take us to develop tons of pictures of our days just being silly. I can remember doing this as young as 8 all the way until I moved out. But when I moved I had lost all of my albums of that time period. My sisters also had got destroyed. This is something I am still so upset about because that time in my life was so important and I wish I could get that back. I want to offer clients the opportunity to create such memories to crave to go back to, as much as I want to just have my photos back 🙁 this post is amazing

    • MarieMasse says:

      Thanks, Krista! I love that you want to be able to offer clients this opportunity and you can so clearly see the value in how you can help and serve others. Keep up with that energy girl! 🙂 Thanks for the post feedback.

  29. Carrie Wohlt says:

    What a beautiful post. I LOVE IT! So inspiring. Thanks for the challenge. When I was in college I took more editorial styled photos. Recently I have started to take on more clients this year. I really want to stretch myself and try more of this approach with my photography business.
    Thanks for the free guide plan on downloading it and reading it soon.
    Carrie Wohlt

  30. Debbie Lund says:

    Yes. THIS is why I love photography. Not the make-a-client-look-good-work. Its the heart-work. The images that make me long for that moment in time to come back – just for an instant. The images where I get lost in my memories.

  31. D says:

    I agree with your memories of the heart, nothing like creating our own history by sistering it with a beautiful memory. I will make a list of my own and will have my granddaughter make hers. My mind is already tracing history of my life. I am sure my granddaughter will have many happy loving memories too. Thank you for your advice. Everyone should do this. Thank you for your contribution. I will always take this journey. Health, Peace and Happiness to you, D
    (I am not a professional photographer but I absolutely love the art)

    • MarieMasse says:

      This is so awesome to read! I’m trying to expand our brand beyond photographers, so I’m especially over the moon to hear that you found value from this. I keep saying – simple pictures with big backstories. Doesn’t matter your skill level, just document it.

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