MAKE your life FEEL like A FUN GAME,

rather than something to survive & endure.


2021 is your year for meaningful connection. A whole year dedicated to small acts of making others feel seen, loved, and valued. All year long, people say to you, “You made my day! 🥰”  How does THAT goal feel? Think about it:  By the end of the 2021, alongside cultivating your other goals and plans […]

A Year of Meaningful Connection – Giveaway

When my daughter was born in 2011, a friend suggested I do a 365 project for the first year of her life. Meaning, make one photo a day of our world until she turns one. Brilliant! I’d never picked up the camera before, but had a small DSLR camera and knew how to push the […]

The First 5 Years in Parenting – A Photo Book Project

Is there anything better than receiving mail? 💌 Especially when it’s unexpected & more than a “love, X” on a Hallmark card? In an effort to be better on sending mail, I created a mail station. Wanna see? There’s so many times where the intention was there, but I didn’t have the materials (the card, […]

How to Create a Mail Station or Pen Pal Cart for Your Home

​Five years ago, our family lived in what I thought was my dream, “forever home” in Michigan. We were all healthy, financially safe, lived among friends & fam, etc. Therefore, we could check all the boxes that screamed: “Life is GOOD!” ✅ You know what? Life really was good back then… (see?? awww the memories…) …and also not […]

The Story Behind “Masse Mountain” & How it Came to Be

Design your life by creating a life-brand

QUESTION: How are you celebrating and noticing your impact? I’m talking the impact of your unique gifts & talents (aka how you best serve others). That could be in your day-to-day, your products, programs, or services, or in your creative expression—anything! Do you keep moving or do you take notice + pause to celebrate in some way? […]

3 Ideas to Notice & Celebrate Your Impact

– Climate change – Wildfires – 45 – 45 vs. Biden (ugh) – Human trafficking – Antifa – Social distancing & masks – Predictions of a civil war after the election It’s a lot. It’s a lot and I’m scared too. I feel like no amount of research will ever bring me to a fully […]

8 Ways to Cope, Stay Alert, & Contribute in This Heavy Season

How to deal with stress and overwhelm in civil unrest through practical activities

Let’s jump right in, shall we? 1. Free-Range, Organic Noise Repellant 🎧 When you focus on fixing all the noise in your life, you find more noise to fix. Focus on what you want to notice more of, and the noise tends to take care of itself. Your tiny stories are the heart of what you […]

7 Reasons to Love Repurposing Your Personal Stories

7 Reasons to Love Repurposing Your Personal Stories

Personal stories are memorable. They’re memorable, because they’re *different* than the “OMG—I love coffee & yoga pants!” most people share *trying* to appear relatable. With your personal stories, you’re sharing from a place of depth. In a world where people are craving connection, your depth sparks your reader to look within. That micro-transformation, even if […]

3 Reasons Your Personal Stories are a Superpower in Your Personal Brand

In my 13 years with Dave, I’ve met his maternal Grandma once. That was back in 2008. I went on a trip with Dave and his parents to visit her just after Christmas. I left thinking she was just the sweetest, petite little thing. She lived in Kingston, Ontario, which is about 8 hours northeast […]

Mail the Letter

Stories of Great-Grandchildren

It’s easy to be consumed by all the noise of life—let alone COVID-19 impacting us all. It’s easy to react hastily in the uncertainty of… EVERYTHING. I’ve ordered the groceries and am glued to the news right along with you.  ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE:  Our lives are still moving. Our unique, tiny stories […]

Noise-Reducing Activities that Increase Connection in Your Life and Business