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As excited as we were to move to South Carolina (from Michigan), unraveling the life we’d built, so far, was a big deal! Writing a welcome letter to the new homeowners of our “forever home” was so cathartic that I suggest writing this welcome letter even if you’re not actually moving! . why write a […]

Write a Welcome Letter About Your Most Treasured Home

Personal Storytelling About Your Home

Ever wonder what to do with all your personal stories—beyond memory-keeping, photographing, scrapbooking, and sharing them out into the world? Think of your tiny, personal stories as little guides, custom-made just for you… Oh man, if you haven’t tried this, you’ve got to start asap! In this article, I’m showing you the ropes to use […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Stories with the DGS 5-Part Practice – Apple Tree Story

How to Process Your Stories with the DGS 5_Part Practice

I don’t love all the hype around the STUFF you can buy for Valentine’s Day! That said, I really DO love the people I live with and want them to feel seen, valued, and loved. If you feel the same, keep reading, because last year, I used those words as my intentions to make Valentine’s […]

Make Valentine’s Day Memorable by Adding Meaningfulness

add meaningfulness to Valentine's Day with your stories

If you’ve got tiny stories that you’d rather forget than to think about again, then this is for you. Typically, when you think about these stories, you feel: grief, shame, disgust, annoyance, fear or another completely unpleasant emotion. I want to help you go from discomfort to a place of acceptance around your painful tiny […]

How to Process a Painful Tiny Story From Your Life

heal from a painful story

It’s entirely too easy to end the day, month, or year feeling like you didn’t do enough. I mean, who hasn’t felt this way before?! If you’re into time management, you probably have some sort of checklist or daily plan to track your to-do’s. I have my own process to plan my time, but in […]

Start This Easy Time Management Habit to Boost Your Fulfillment

Boost fulfillment with this habit

​Did you miss out on recording a highly meaningful person, place, or story from your life? #beenthere Here’s the thing:  Having “missed out” is an illusion.  It’s NOT too late to record a story that’s ended. You can still record them / it in some way.  It might not look exactly the way you’d record them / it […]

If you missed recording something (or someone) that matters, read this.

This is for you if… … you usually enjoy mailing holiday cards. (That said, if you skipped this year, you’re not alone. Several people shared with me that they just didn’t have it in them to do it in 2020.) … or this may also be for you if you’re usually the Grinch who doesn’t […]

Holiday Cards That Are Actually Meaningful

What are your tiny Thanksgiving stories? (or stories of the season if you’re not in the U.S.) Though it may look different this year… Savor them. Revel in them. Respond boldly by expressing them. How? HERE’S AN EXAMPLE: Once upon a Thanksgiving, my nuclear family drove to my grandparent’s house (just about every year of […]

A Meaningful Way to Revel in Your Thanksgiving Stories

This is my third year of making this list—it’s so fun! I highly recommend you try it. I’ve wrapped mine a little early this year, so I could get the inspiration out to you. As you check-off to-do’s in your daily planner (my planner is my notebook, which I teach in my time management bundle […]

Marie’s List: 100 Tiny Stories Noticed in 2020

Isn’t she pretty? 😍 I know, I know…  Who cares about pretty when you want to know:  “How will The Playbook benefit me?” You’d probably have fast answers if I asked, “{{ subscriber.first_name }}, what are your values? Who do you value?”  I get it. You know what your values are… but when was the last time you went deeper than that […]

Quickly Feel More Fulfilled with a Playbook for Your Tiny Stories