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When I speak to my students, they’re often so obsessed with the questions, “do you feel emotion?” or “do you feel the story?” that they’re trying to make ALL of their pictures be universal… to the point they lose sight of their voice from trying so damn hard. In ep 005, I get up on […]

#005 – ‘Elicit Emotion’ Obsession? Listen in.

Ever show up to make documentary work of your clients, but they can’t seem to grasp the concept that you’re not there to direct? Or, they’re so stuck on the outcome of their pictures that the honesty of the story is lost? I’ve totally been there! In 2013, my client work was very trial & […]

Why I Use Client Questionnaires for Documentary Photography

I believe to the core in beginner level photography workshops! I’ve talked about the marketing benefits for your client photography business and how workshops can help you attract better quality inquiries super in demand for your photography approach. But, I’ve beaten around the bush with the money conversation. How much can you make from teaching a workshop? […]

Create a Revenue Stream with a FUN Photography Class for Beginners

I’ve often heard this said about motherhood: it’s the longest shortest time. And I always giggle a little bit because this is exactly how I feel about my photography business. The days can feel painstakingly long—especially the ones in the winter months. I’m not getting booked, and the blank spaces in my calendars feel like they […]

The Long Game: Surviving in a Photography Genre without a Rulebook

I’m a documentary family and event photographer. However, I didn’t start out that way. I majored in photojournalism at Mizzou and worked at newspapers and magazines for ten years. Thirteen years ago, I made the decision to step off the career track to stay home with my children and quit my job as a photo editor […]

Documenting Mitzvahs as Part of a Thriving Photography Business with Susan Kalina

I’m writing to you on this fresh, bright Monday morning feeling like the most productive business owner ever. Ok, that’s a little over the top, but seriously, I just had a crazy productive weekend and have to tell you HOW, so you can do the same. If you’re anything like me, your business to-do list […]

Knock Out Hella Business Tasks with a Personal Retreat {Work + Play}

If you’ve sought out documentary photo sessions for families, couples, or other, you have likely been hit with an insecurity from your potential clients. Do these sound familiar? “We’re just so boring… I don’t know what you would get from us, because all we do is sit around and watch tv.” “My home is messy […]

10 Helpful & Non-Salesy Ways To Help Clients Fall in Love with Documentary Photography

This post is the second in a series about how long a documentary session “should” be. The first, Shooting Under the Pressure of a Clock is here. To summarize, I mentioned that often in a short, 1 hour or so session (especially in-home when things move a bit slower), I leave feeling like I could […]

How to Get More Great Photos in a Short Documentary Session

Not long ago, I was speaking with another photographer. She doesn’t shoot with a documentary approach, but she’s in awe of it. One sentence she said stuck with me: “I’d love to have a documentary session, but I don’t know what I’d do with the photos.” ‘Wait, what?,’ I thought. She went on to say that […]

15+ Ways To Display Documentary Photos Your Clients Will Obsess Over

“Find your voice. Find your style. Know your photography vision. Uncover your message. Have a clear identity in your photos. Choose a smaller niche and do it amazingly.” These are all things you’ve likely heard before if you’ve been shooting for awhile. There are courses about self-discovery that help you define your photos. There’s an […]

How Your Photography Voice Can Help Your Marketing