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As excited as we were to move to South Carolina (from Michigan), unraveling the life we’d built, so far, was a big deal! Writing a welcome letter to the new homeowners of our “forever home” was so cathartic that I suggest writing this welcome letter even if you’re not actually moving! . why write a […]

Write a Welcome Letter About Your Most Treasured Home

Personal Storytelling About Your Home

Ever wonder what to do with all your personal stories—beyond memory-keeping, photographing, scrapbooking, and sharing them out into the world? Think of your tiny, personal stories as little guides, custom-made just for you… Oh man, if you haven’t tried this, you’ve got to start asap! In this article, I’m showing you the ropes to use […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Stories with the DGS 5-Part Practice – Apple Tree Story

How to Process Your Stories with the DGS 5_Part Practice

What would you do? Levi tends to strip down and drop his clothes wherever—inside out 90% of the time. The inside-out part drives me INSANE. Idk. I feel like I’m doing everyone a favor by keeping up with the laundry… the least they can do is drop off the clothes “inside right” (🤔😆) as I […]

War of the Laundry

“Marie, grab your camera. You’ve got to see this!” I barely hear from my husband at 4:45 a.m. His heightened tone drew me from my sleep. I follow him to the kitchen to see this: Kendall’s (3-years-old) snuggled on top of lovey (her favorite blanket) in the middle of the kitchen floor—surrounded by clean dishes […]

Kendall’s Kitchen Party After Midnight

What was your Top Tiny Story of 2020? By that, I mean: What’s your top story that moved your heart and changed you in expected and unexpected ways? A story that’ll stick with you forevermore and defines: MEANINGFUL? I know… loaded question! I’ll go first. Marie’s Top Tiny Story of 2020 For me, it was […]

How to Find Your Top Tiny Story of 2020

Top Tiny Story of 2020

I share a lot about our ADHD journey on Facebook, but not here. Very long story short, our son has ADHD (emphasis on the H) and it’s been whiplash to navigate—not to mention beforehand, with him living undiagnosed for 2+ years (being that he was so little). He was diagnosed just after his 5th birthday. […]

A Major ADHD Milestone in a Picture

In 2015, I was hired to mentor another photographer, Khalilah, in Hawaii. I’d never been to Hawaii, so this was a trip of a lifetime to begin with! What I didn’t expect was for Khalilah to say something that’s stuck with me to this day… We were on a highway and approaching a tunnel through […]

Words from Oahu on How to See

I’ve been using the phrase “simple pictures with big backstories” for a while now. Those 5 words were a 2017 divine download and could not sum up the MARIE in my work better. This has meant less emphasis on well-rounded technical skill and has anchored me in the best way. I’ve let go of trying […]

Simple Pictures with Big Backstories of 2017

My apologies if this gets a bit long – it’s a bit of a journal-esque share. 1. Humanity trumps everything. I teach you to be more of yourself in your communication and I got lost in the shuffle myself in 2017. The root cause: doing too much, too fast. My shares came from a place […]

17 Reflections in Marketing + Memories + Life from 2017

The moment I said ‘yes’ in the decision to move south, there was a pang that felt a lot like loss among the excitement of adventure. If you knew me in real life, you’d know I’m an easy going, go-with-the-flow kinda girl. I LOVE new + change. Still, when I love something hard, I have […]

Gaining Closure of a Life Change Through Making Pictures