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Writing the stories of your life? Then, you know this writer’s fog well: “Am I saying this right? How do I make these words feel like the way I feel?” Overcome this fog by looking past the end result and simply write your heart. Writing your heart is writing unfiltered, without reserve, and it’s like […]

11 Ways to Write Your Heart (& stories of your life)

Lightly cleaned up transcript below. Expect typos. Affiliate links used when possible. Enjoy! . MARIE: This is exactly what I was talking about. Not just me talking at you, not just these strategic, part authentic, part manufactured, conversational-based interviews. I see this show as a collaboration. A collaboration between you and I.  Here’s the scoop: […]

Tell Your Stories & You’ll Start to Notice More of Them with Caryn DeFreez – Episode #81

Lightly cleaned up transcript below. Expect typos. Affiliate links used when possible. Enjoy! . MARIE: Welcome to Dangerously Good Stories, formerly Intentional Documentary. You have no idea how ecstatic I am to be back, recording, and under this new name!  I will tell you everything, but before we move any further I want you to […]

Let’s Begin Again, Storyteller: New podcast name, new content. Episode #80

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Isn’t she pretty? 😍 I know, I know…  Who cares about pretty when you want to know:  “How will The Playbook benefit me?” You’d probably have fast answers if I asked, “{{ subscriber.first_name }}, what are your values? Who do you value?”  I get it. You know what your values are… but when was the last time you went deeper than that […]

Quickly Feel More Fulfilled with a Playbook for Your Tiny Stories

If you’ve ever wondered, “What do I DO with my tiny stories?” this is one way of using them! I recorded “What’s a Legacy Box?” on my podcast, Intentional Documentary, in 2018. The episode gave some context advocating for legacy boxes and a lot of people have been inspired to create a Legacy Box since […]

What’s the difference between a Legacy Box & a Memory Box?

The most meaningful pictures of your life aren’t about the pictures. They’re about the stories within the pictures.  How do I know this? Why listen to me? I’ve spent the past 6 years dissecting the stories within the work of photographers from around the world and have published over 300 recorded stories on this very […]

How to Make the Most Meaningful Pictures of Your Life: A Free Comprehensive Guide

You’re making stories in your home everyday. Even if this home is an “in-between” home on your way to your next home, there’s tiny stories everywhere that give this season (this home!) meaning. Here’s an exercise to unearth the stories about a past home or your current home: Write a letter to the next occupant […]

How to Unearth Tiny Stories with Big Meaning for Your Home

Caryn DeFreez is a wife, homeschooling mom, and has a big love for documenting stories. She recently left her photography business to pursue her family’s dream of a homeschooling + travel life. In this episode: Caryn tells us what was difficult in her business when it came to documentary clients and one, quiet strategy she […]

Keep the Fire Going with Caryn DeFreez (079)

Keep the Fire Going with Caryn DeFreez (079)

This is an oldie, but a goodie. We’re replaying the very FIRST episode on Intentional Documentary.  Why? It’s just a good time of year to revisit this one. It was written for photographers, but anyone can benefit from these 8 little exercise to gain clarity on what matters most. If you’ve done this before, well, […]

Gain Total Clarity on What Matters Most (078)

Gain Total Clarity on What Matters Most

This is one of those episodes where you really need to listen through. You’ll miss the magic if you’re only half paying attention. So, grab some coffee, a chai tea latte, or a cuppa and get cozy…. you’re in for a treat. Aubrey Vejvoda is a former marketing student turned HypnoCoach. She quit her photography […]

The Power of Your Future Self & Hypnosis with Aubrey Vejvoda (077)

The Power of Your Future Self & Hypnosis with Aubrey Vejvoda (077)