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Once upon an 8:31 p.m. ago, the ugly mommy monster appeared like clockwork.  “Get ready for bed!” she’d growl.  “Did you get your 20 minutes of reading done? I don’t care if you don’t want to, you HAVE TO for school!”  She was on edge.  She watched the minutes get later and later, putting her own […]

8:31 P.M.

unschooling life

Because of the old adage: “You don’t know what you don’t know,” I’m always curious about goals or habits other people are trying to form. Why? I feel like I might be missing out on goal or habit ideas that I’d never think of! So, I’ll share my biggest two goals below, but first… I […]

Impossible Goal and Customer Goal Sheet Trackers (Printables Inside)

printables to track your impossible goals and epic fail actions

It’s entirely too easy to end the day, month, or year feeling like you didn’t do enough. I mean, who hasn’t felt this way before?! If you’re into time management, you probably have some sort of checklist or daily plan to track your to-do’s. I have my own process to plan my time, but in […]

Start This Easy Time Management Habit to Boost Your Fulfillment

Boost fulfillment with this habit

This is my third year of making this listā€”it’s so fun! I highly recommend you try it. I’ve wrapped mine a little early this year, so I could get the inspiration out to you. As you check-off to-do’s in your daily planner (my planner is my notebook, which I teach in my time management bundle […]

Marie’s List: 100 Tiny Stories Noticed in 2020

Isn’t she pretty? šŸ˜ I know, I know…  Who cares about pretty when you want to know:  “How will The Playbook benefit me?” You’d probably have fast answers if I asked, “{{ subscriber.first_name }}, what are your values? Who do you value?”  I get it. You know what your values are… but when was the last time you went deeper than that […]

Quickly Feel More Fulfilled with a Playbook for Your Tiny Stories

If you’ve ever wondered, “What do I DO with my tiny stories?” this is one way of using them! I recorded “What’s a Legacy Box?” on my podcast, Intentional Documentary, in 2018. The episode gave some context advocating for legacy boxes and a lot of people have been inspired to create a Legacy Box since […]

What’s the difference between a Legacy Box & a Memory Box?

I have to share a story from the book, Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life by Eugene O’Kelly. Eugene O’Kelley (Gene in the book) was living his life as a corporate guy in a big time accounting firm. He was in his early fifties and in wonderful health, until he wasn’t. Somewhat out of the blue, doctors […]

This is Better Than Making Another Gratitude List (Gene’s Story)

2021 is your year for meaningful connection. A whole year dedicated to small acts of making others feel seen, loved, and valued. All year long, people say to you, ā€œYou made my day! šŸ„°ā€  How does THAT goal feel? Think about it:  By the end of the 2021, alongside cultivating your other goals and plans […]

A Year of Meaningful Connection – Giveaway

In 2002, I returned to Camp Copneconicā€™s 6th grade camp program as a volunteer high school camp counselor. For 5 days ofĀ crisp,Ā Michigan October days, we were free from school and ledĀ smallĀ groups of 6th graders to and from theirĀ camp classes. On the cusp of graduating and ā€œstarting my life,ā€ I was in total awe of the […]

Tiny Story: The Chicken Smuggler

ā€‹Five years ago, our family lived in what I thought was my dream, ā€œforever homeā€ in Michigan. We were all healthy, financially safe, lived among friends & fam, etc. Therefore, we could check all the boxes that screamed: “Life is GOOD!ā€ āœ… You know what? Life really was good back thenā€¦ (see?? awww the memories…) …and also not […]

The Story Behind “Masse Mountain” & How it Came to Be

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