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Isn’t she pretty? 😍 I know, I know…  Who cares about pretty when you want to know:  “How will The Playbook benefit me?” You’d probably have fast answers if I asked, “{{ subscriber.first_name }}, what are your values? Who do you value?”  I get it. You know what your values are… but when was the last time you went deeper than that […]

Quickly Feel More Fulfilled with a Playbook for Your Tiny Stories

I have to share a story from the book, Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life by Eugene O’Kelly. Eugene O’Kelley (Gene in the book) was living his life as a corporate guy in a big time accounting firm. He was in his early fifties and in wonderful health, until he wasn’t. Somewhat out of the blue, doctors […]

This is Better Than Making Another Gratitude List (Gene’s Story)

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. 2021 is your year for meaningful connection. A whole year dedicated to small acts of making others feel seen, loved, and valued. All year long, people say to you, “You made my day! 🥰”  How does THAT goal feel? Think about it:  By the end of the 2021, alongside cultivating your […]

A Year of Meaningful Connection – Giveaway

The way you see education is a product of conditioning. This conditioning stems from how you experienced education yourself. It’s from how you were raised to believe what education is—what education looks like, feels like, results in, etc.—and what it means to be educated (what qualifies as “being educated” and what “being educated” gives your […]

The List of Insightful Books to Read As You Consider Unschooling Your Kids

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely heard of the book I Love You Through And Through (*) by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak. This highly popular book was a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with my daughter. Bernadette’s words became my inspiration for a photo project during the second year of Kendall’s life, while I was pregnant […]

I Love You Through and Through Inspired Photo Project