with this one, simple exercise.

Think of the holiday you’ve got a lot of memories around from being young up until now. Thanksgiving is that holiday for me. It’s always been a favorite. I love food. I loved the flow of the day. Sometimes being with both sets of grandparents. Sometimes my mom would cook. Most of my memories reside […]

SOTM: A Quick Holiday Stories Audit (069)

SOTM: A Quick Holiday Stories Audit

I love hearing about products and services other people love, so I thought I’d put together a slim little gift guide for documentarians, storytellers and those of us who want to live life wide awake….  1. MadTree Woodcrafts — Legacy Box MadTree Woodcrafts is an Etsy Shop.  Dimensions of my boxes: 12″ x 16″ x 10″ […]

A 2019 Gift Guide for Documentarians + Creatives (068)

Listening to old family stories of people who you love dearly is just THE BEST isn’t it? Riley and Jeremy Adamson unexpectedly lost their dad awhile back—Riley was 19, Jeremy 13—and got to talking about how they’d pay huge amounts of money to hear his voice again and his life story.  After that, StoryBox was […]

Your Family Stories in a Private Podcast with Jeremy of StoryBox (067)

If you ever had that moment when you realized you can document not only the real life, random moments that tie us all together, but the most high value, unique to you, most meaningful bits of your life (and your clients’ lives) and THAT created a fire within… you’ll love this episode.  Courtney Holmes is […]

Meaningful Roots with Courtney Holmes (066)

big sister hugging little brother in bed

I’m doing something a little different today. If this is your first time listening to Intentional Documentary, please don’t listen to this episode first. Go back to episode 001 or 046.  If you’re a long-time listener, I want to push how I show up for you and create this episode that doesn’t have some big […]

7 Fears & Opinions I’m Afraid to Share (065)

When I do speaking engagements, I play a game with this photo. I ask the audience what they see Play along: What do you see?  Without fail, get words like: Laughter Affection Connection Love But the story is so much more than those words. The story is something you’d never see from the photograph if […]

Story of the Month: “Monkey Up” (064)

“I know the importance of journaling because I already couldn’t remember too many things I told myself I’d never forget.” That sentence is from Jayne Swallow on Promptly’s About Page. It hit me so hard, because I, too, am a victim of “forget.” Have you ever felt that way?  Jayne Swallow is a mom of […]

Journaling for Documentation & Clarity with Jayne Swallow (063)

Writing is like turning defrost on the foggy windshield—it makes everything in my mind so clear.  So, let’s talk about journaling—what to write about, what to write in, my favorite resources, creating writing habits. 11 Ways to Write Your Heart: Here’s the roundup. Below we’ll look closer at each approach. Diary-Style (documenting what happened WITH […]

11 Ways to Write Your Heart (062)

Chloe Lodge is a wicked talented photographer, author of For the Love of the Photograph, and she’s our Intentional Documentary conversation today.  We talk about:  Her story of globetrotting through the years — born in England, now living in NZ with various countries in between What happened when she started listening to herself and worrying […]

Your Exotic Everyday with Chloe Lodge (061)

When Linsey Davis shares what she documents, there’s usually a lot of depth and heart behind the stories she shares. She’s got a knack for seeing the things that go really deep, really easily—which is interesting, because in this episode, she shares how she needs prompts to remember to see things she might otherwise miss. […]

Togetherness & Being Present (Not What You Think) with Linsey Davis (060)