with this one, simple exercise.

In 2002, I returned to Camp Copneconic’s 6th grade camp program as a volunteer high school camp counselor. For 5 days of crisp, Michigan October days, we were free from school and led small groups of 6th graders to and from their camp classes. On the cusp of graduating and “starting my life,” I was in total awe of the […]

Tiny Story: The Chicken Smuggler

​Five years ago, our family lived in what I thought was my dream, “forever home” in Michigan. We were all healthy, financially safe, lived among friends & fam, etc. Therefore, we could check all the boxes that screamed: “Life is GOOD!” ✅ You know what? Life really was good back then… (see?? awww the memories…) …and also not […]

The Story Behind “Masse Mountain” & How it Came to Be

QUESTION: How are you celebrating and noticing your impact? I’m talking the impact of your unique gifts & talents (aka how you best serve others). That could be in your day-to-day, your products, programs, or services, or in your creative expression—anything! Do you keep moving or do you take notice + pause to celebrate in some way? […]

3 Ideas to Notice & Celebrate Your Impact

– Climate change – Wildfires – 45 – 45 vs. Biden (ugh) – Human trafficking – Antifa – Social distancing & masks – Predictions of a civil war after the election It’s a lot. It’s a lot and I’m scared too. I feel like no amount of research will ever bring me to a fully […]

8 Ways to Cope, Stay Alert, & Contribute in This Heavy Season

Let’s jump right in, shall we? 1. Free-Range, Organic Noise Repellant 🎧 When you focus on fixing all the noise in your life, you find more noise to fix. Focus on what you want to notice more of, and the noise tends to take care of itself. Your tiny stories are the heart of what you […]

7 Reasons I Love Personal Stories

Personal stories are memorable. They’re memorable, because they’re *different* than the “OMG—I love coffee & yoga pants!” most people share *trying* to appear relatable. With your personal stories, you’re sharing from a place of depth. In a world where people are craving connection, your depth sparks your reader to look within. That micro-transformation, even if […]

3 Reasons Your Personal Stories are a Superpower in Your Personal Brand

Can a question really change your life? I say YES! Questions challenge status quo and can inspire us to change course. When you’re white knuckled on a thought or believe, questions can call in perspective out of left field that makes you feel 1000x lighter. When you ask other people great questions, you might just […]

Three questions that can change your life

In 2015, I was hired to mentor another photographer, Khalilah, in Hawaii. I’d never been to Hawaii, so this was a trip of a lifetime to begin with! What I didn’t expect was for Khalilah to say something that’s stuck with me to this day… We were on a highway and approaching a tunnel through […]

Words from Oahu on How to See

In my 13 years with Dave, I’ve met his maternal Grandma once. That was back in 2008. I went on a trip with Dave and his parents to visit her just after Christmas. I left thinking she was just the sweetest, petite little thing. She lived in Kingston, Ontario, which is about 8 hours northeast […]

Mail the Letter

Stories of Great-Grandchildren

The way you look at education is a product of conditioning. The books on this list will challenge how you’ve been conditioned to perceive what education is, what school is, and what homeschooling or unschooling looks like (and results in). Here’s my unschool story: The idea of the free play and the interest-led learning opportunities […]

The List of Insightful Books to Read As You Consider Unschooling Your Kids