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The most meaningful pictures of your life aren’t about the pictures. They’re about the stories within the pictures.  How do I know this? Why listen to me? I’ve spent the past 6 years dissecting the stories within the work of photographers from around the world and have published over 300 recorded stories on this very […]

How to Make the Most Meaningful Pictures of Your Life: A Free Comprehensive Guide

I’ve started writing this and can’t wait to fully share soon. Publishing prematurely just for the link I needed put in place elsewhere. Will publish by the end of 2022, promise! –Marie

My Story as a Late-Diagnosed Autistic Woman with ADHD: Rebirth Indeed

Writing the stories of your life? Then, you know this writer’s fog well: “Am I saying this right? How do I make these words feel like the way I feel?” Overcome this fog by looking past the end result and simply write your heart. Writing your heart is writing unfiltered, without reserve, and it’s like […]

11 Ways to Write Your Heart (& stories of your life)

I’ll never forget driving home from a surgery I had in 2018. David, my husband, was driving and we were holding hands. My head was thinking about: how I was feeling what was ahead I hope this surgery actually worked (it was the 2nd operation) I hope my kids are being good for the sitter […]

Tiny Stories: Watch for Something Steady

Lightly cleaned up transcript below. Expect typos. Affiliate links used when possible. Enjoy! . MARIE: This is exactly what I was talking about. Not just me talking at you, not just these strategic, part authentic, part manufactured, conversational-based interviews. I see this show as a collaboration. A collaboration between you and I.  Here’s the scoop: […]

Tell Your Stories & You’ll Start to Notice More of Them with Caryn DeFreez – Episode #81

Lightly cleaned up transcript below. Expect typos. Affiliate links used when possible. Enjoy! . MARIE: Welcome to Dangerously Good Stories, formerly Intentional Documentary. You have no idea how ecstatic I am to be back, recording, and under this new name!  I will tell you everything, but before we move any further I want you to […]

Let’s Begin Again, Storyteller: New podcast name, new content. Episode #80

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This report contains some affiliate links. This progress report is for January – March 2021. Kendall’s Summary: I’ve improved on: hula hooping being outside more swinging I’ve learned about: the blood root flower how to get grammie and papa’s cats to be around you making my own Mangle costume I’ve had fun: swinging on our […]

Our Unschooling Progress Report #2

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Before you start scrolling and devouring these 21 quotes on life, I want you to considering using these quotes to unearth your tiny stories. So often, we stumble upon a quote that makes us think, “ooooh that’s good,” and we pin it or take a screenshot or re-share it in our social feeds as if […]

21 Quotes on Life to Inspire Intention, Purpose, & Perseverance

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Once upon an 8:31 p.m. ago, the ugly mommy monster appeared like clockwork.  “Get ready for bed!” she’d growl.  “Did you get your 20 minutes of reading done? I don’t care if you don’t want to, you HAVE TO for school!”  She was on edge.  She watched the minutes get later and later, putting her own […]

8:31 P.M.

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I don’t love all the hype around the STUFF you can buy for Valentine’s Day! That said, I really DO love the people I live with and want them to feel seen, valued, and loved. If you feel the same, keep reading, because last year, I used those words as my intentions to make Valentine’s […]

Make Valentine’s Day Memorable by Adding Meaningfulness

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If you’ve got tiny stories that you’d rather forget than to think about again, then this is for you. Typically, when you think about these stories, you feel: grief, shame, disgust, annoyance, fear or another completely unpleasant emotion. I want to help you go from discomfort to a place of acceptance around your painful tiny […]

How to Process a Painful Tiny Story From Your Life

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