with this one, simple exercise.

It’s easy to be consumed by all the noise of life—let alone COVID-19 impacting us all. It’s easy to react hastily in the uncertainty of… EVERYTHING. I’ve ordered the groceries and am glued to the news right along with you.  ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE:  Our lives are still moving. Our unique, tiny stories […]

Noise-Reducing Activities that Increase Connection in Life and Business

Sometimes, the noise in your life makes you overlook the tiny stories that define: meaningful. It happens to the best of us—me included! These stories exist all around you, everyday. Each story is an opportunity… When you notice these stories, and—even better—when you respond to them, your heart feels fulfilled and awake. You savor the goodness and […]

Notice Your People: an Exploration in Why These People Who Matter the Most… Matter

In short, tiny stories are the experiences of your life—from your perspective.  Sounds a lot like a memory, doesn’t it? It’s not that simple. The dictionary defines a memory as: something remembered from the past; a recollection.  While your tiny stories embody a memory—whether past or living—they’re not just the act of remembrance. In fact, […]

What are Tiny Stories?

For so long, everything had been new. Newlyweds. New to parenting a baby girl. New town. New home. New to parenting a baby boy. At some point, new turned into routine. We watched the same scenes happen over… and over… in time. My awareness for this became a bit of a game as a documentary […]

Then & Now: A Tiny Story Project

^^ That’s where I live today—in the middle of the woods at the edge of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” —Seth Godin This home feels like vacation. It’s my sanctuary. Our oasis. It also wasn’t ever […]

How Noticing My Tiny Stories Moved Us Into Vacation Living

Caryn DeFreez is a wife, homeschooling mom, and has a big love for documenting stories. She recently left her photography business to pursue her family’s dream of a homeschooling + travel life. In this episode: Caryn tells us what was difficult in her business when it came to documentary clients and one, quiet strategy she […]

Keep the Fire Going with Caryn DeFreez (079)

Keep the Fire Going with Caryn DeFreez (079)

This is an oldie, but a goodie. We’re replaying the very FIRST episode on Intentional Documentary.  Why? It’s just a good time of year to revisit this one. It was written for photographers, but anyone can benefit from these 8 little exercise to gain clarity on what matters most. If you’ve done this before, well, […]

Gain Total Clarity on What Matters Most (078)

Gain Total Clarity on What Matters Most

This is one of those episodes where you really need to listen through. You’ll miss the magic if you’re only half paying attention. So, grab some coffee, a chai tea latte, or a cuppa and get cozy…. you’re in for a treat. Aubrey Vejvoda is a former marketing student turned HypnoCoach. She quit her photography […]

The Power of Your Future Self & Hypnosis with Aubrey Vejvoda (077)

The Power of Your Future Self & Hypnosis with Aubrey Vejvoda (077)

Jessica Hachey is a photographer based in Ontario, Canada. I’ve admired how she prioritizes her love for nature and even records herself getting out into the wild! We talk about: Her brave adventures into the backcountry How her daughter starting school full time was much different than she thought it would be… as she found […]

Missing Photos That Inspired Really Living with Jessica Hachey (076)

Missing Photos That Inspired Really Living with Jessica Hachey (076)

Have you ever been on the receiving end of being a friend’s second choice? You invite them to make plans with you, but they don’t know how to answer right away, like they have to think about it… even though you know damn well they know what they’re doing in 2 days from now (they […]

Culivate Your 2020 Stories (073)

Cultivate Your 2020 Stories