MAKE your life FEEL like A FUN GAME,

rather than something to survive & endure.


This report contains some affiliate links. This progress report is for January – March 2021. Kendall’s Summary: I’ve improved on: hula hooping being outside more swinging I’ve learned about: the blood root flower how to get grammie and papa’s cats to be around you making my own Mangle costume I’ve had fun: swinging on our […]

Our Unschooling Progress Report #2

how to document and keep records for unschooling

Before you start scrolling and devouring these 21 quotes on life, I want you to considering using these quotes to unearth your tiny stories. So often, we stumble upon a quote that makes us think, “ooooh that’s good,” and we pin it or take a screenshot or re-share it in our social feeds as if […]

21 Quotes on Life to Inspire Intention, Purpose, & Perseverance

best quotes about life, intention, and purpose

What would you do? Levi tends to strip down and drop his clothes wherever—inside out 90% of the time. The inside-out part drives me INSANE. Idk. I feel like I’m doing everyone a favor by keeping up with the laundry… the least they can do is drop off the clothes “inside right” (🤔😆) as I […]

War of the Laundry

Once upon an 8:31 p.m. ago, the ugly mommy monster appeared like clockwork.  “Get ready for bed!” she’d growl.  “Did you get your 20 minutes of reading done? I don’t care if you don’t want to, you HAVE TO for school!”  She was on edge.  She watched the minutes get later and later, putting her own […]

8:31 P.M.

unschooling life

I don’t love all the hype around the STUFF you can buy for Valentine’s Day! That said, I really DO love the people I live with and want them to feel seen, valued, and loved. If you feel the same, keep reading, because last year, I used those words as my intentions to make Valentine’s […]

Make Valentine’s Day Memorable by Adding Meaningfulness

add meaningfulness to Valentine's Day with your stories

If you’ve got tiny stories that you’d rather forget than to think about again, then this is for you. Typically, when you think about these stories, you feel: grief, shame, disgust, annoyance, fear or another completely unpleasant emotion. I want to help you go from discomfort to a place of acceptance around your painful tiny […]

How to Process a Painful Tiny Story From Your Life

heal from a painful story

Because of the old adage: “You don’t know what you don’t know,” I’m always curious about goals or habits other people are trying to form. Why? I feel like I might be missing out on goal or habit ideas that I’d never think of! So, I’ll share my biggest two goals below, but first… I […]

Impossible Goal and Customer Goal Sheet Trackers (Printables Inside)

printables to track your impossible goals and epic fail actions

“Marie, grab your camera. You’ve got to see this!” I barely hear from my husband at 4:45 a.m. His heightened tone drew me from my sleep. I follow him to the kitchen to see this: Kendall’s (3-years-old) snuggled on top of lovey (her favorite blanket) in the middle of the kitchen floor—surrounded by clean dishes […]

Kendall’s Kitchen Party After Midnight

It’s entirely too easy to end the day, month, or year feeling like you didn’t do enough. I mean, who hasn’t felt this way before?! If you’re into time management, you probably have some sort of checklist or daily plan to track your to-do’s. I have my own process to plan my time, but in […]

Start This Easy Time Management Habit to Boost Your Fulfillment

Boost fulfillment with this habit

What was your Top Tiny Story of 2020? By that, I mean: What’s your top story that moved your heart and changed you in expected and unexpected ways? A story that’ll stick with you forevermore and defines: MEANINGFUL? I know… loaded question! I’ll go first. Marie’s Top Tiny Story of 2020 For me, it was […]

How to Find Your Top Tiny Story of 2020

Top Tiny Story of 2020