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12 Ways to Kick Your Photo Composition Up a Notch (When You Don’t Want to Pose Clients)

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rose says:

    Your photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing.

    Tomorrow, I do my first professional shoot for a colleague of mine and her family. I have a strong graphic design background, but photography has been a hobby of mine for a couple of years.

    This post really helped refresh my understanding of composition, light, etc. I’m basically geeking out over your amazing composition because I feel it’s the most important factor in any visual piece (photo, painting, drawing). So amazing!

    Again, thank you!

  3. Polly Updegraff says:

    I loved these photos! They were candid and thought-provoking! Your tips were spot-on, and I will definitely keep them in mind with my own photography. Thank you!

  4. Hugh Sutherland says:

    This was just a great post. You have given me so many ways to take my photos from, meh to WOW! Thanks for your insights . I am definitely putting this blog on my favorites list.

  5. Dana says:

    This was amazing! Would love your input on some of my images

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