#034 - Zoom In, Zoom Out, Repeat. - Dangerously Good Stories

MAKE your life FEEL like A FUN GAME,

rather than something to survive & endure.


#034 – Zoom In, Zoom Out, Repeat.

  1. Karen Herman Wright says:

    Gosh i feel so relieved to hear all this. Thanks so much for your words that speak absolute volumes for me about F&F. I was very aware I’ve not been contributing to F&F. In fact I’ve not even looked at it recently. I have so much respect for the very talented photographers in there but find it hard to connect with an approach to documenting families. I know now that it’s not just about the photographs. I think I need a strategist too! You hooked me right in to the Preservation Project through the very persistent emails. Your language was pushy but in a very encouraging way that really made me think what I needed to do not in a way that felt you were grabbing for my money. I can see that must take a lot of hard work to hit the right tone. I knew the emails were generic but also felt you weren’t letting me go easily – very patient and very comforting as I’m a thinker and a slow burner and don’t have money to spend on things that I’m not totally sure are going to benefit me. Hah, yes a very successful campaign and i admire that so much – it was your voice and i like listening to what you have to say and that’s what makes me want to be part of it. Keep the podcasts going. Respect to you for stepping back for a while and I hope you get your things attended to so you can come right back!

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