Does it feel like all the noise is inescapable? If you’re like, “How do I make it ST-AHH-P already?!” Well, imagine if you could had a *meaningful* way to escape the noise while not sacrificing your ambition.

No running to Bali. Not another self-help book / course. No temporary fixes (“Go for a walk. Be present! Create *boundaries.*” they say 🙄). 

This bonus episode on Intentional Documentary teaches my 5-part Practice to get off survival mode and to feel AWAKE again. 

This talk covers:

  • What is Survival Mode? Plus, why your stories are the antidote.
  • What are dangerously good stories (yes, you have ’em)
  • The 5-part Practice to live awake + responsive (not swallowed by the noise)
  • Introduction to the Tiny Story Society

Enjoy the story.

Take Action:

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Offer expires 12/31/2020.

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