This is one of those episodes where you really need to listen through. You’ll miss the magic if you’re only half paying attention. So, grab some coffee, a chai tea latte, or a cuppa and get cozy…. you’re in for a treat.

Aubrey Vejvoda is a former marketing student turned HypnoCoach. She quit her photography business and today she’s on the frontlines trying to help make hypnosis mainstream. 

We talk about: 

  • Her journey through postpartum depression and the shame & guilt inside *not* feeling fulfilled as a stay at home mom
  • She talks about how her deeper message for other women & moms became something she needed share beyond photography as well as the red flags that led her out of photography
  • And the last part of the show, Aubrey gives us the overview of what hypnosis is, how it’s different than meditation and… get this…. she even walks us through a short hypnosis for relaxation at the end. So just a heads up: you cannot be driving for this portion. You’ll want to sit down, close your eyes and let Aubrey guide you. 

So, that’s the short summary of what’s ahead. But before we start, I want you to pay extra attention here…

Through this episode, Aubrey models what life can look like when you follow your divine breadcrumbs (and you’ll understand what that even means soon enough). So often, we look outside ourselves for answers (see episode 56). Aubrey models honing that ability to think for yourself, in complete trust and confidence in yourself, and to hear your own intuition. 

Enjoy the story… 

Welcome back. 

Since recording this episode back in September 2019, I had six 1:1 hypnosis sessions with Aubrey. As you heard, I was already a fan of future me mediations and such, but this was my first time working in the capacity of a personalized hypnosis. 

We covered things like:

  • Feeling more financially secure and responsible
  • Feeling patient and trusting what comes when I felt this urgency and responsibility to fix everything and be in control when I had a relationship conflict one week… I felt immediate results with this hypnosis
  • Gained clarity on my ideal client for my new brand, which had been feeling fuzzy…. the visualization on this day was so vivid and has completely pivoted how I’m approaching a particular project because of what I saw… it’s making the process simpler and lowering my expenses. 

Little, diving breadcrumbs came up along the way… 

Two days after one hypnosis, I created the Tiny Story Society. It just popped into my head!

One day, I went into a hypnosis feeling resistance to what I was creating and around launching it and shortly after the hypnosis, an idea to model a previous, proven launch popped into my head and felt RIGHT and ease-y. 

One day, I’d felt super resistant to doing a webinar… and then I got a stomach bug. Call it a coincidence or call it a divine nudge to pivot and release the content in another, less resistant way that felt better for my mental health at the time. 

Would some of these things come up without my hypnosis?

Sure. I’m no stranger to energy work using other tools, like journaling. But, this was time on my calendar I couldn’t NOT do the energy work. I think it made various things align faster. 

The best way to describe working with Aubrey is that I had all these little mental energy spikes that kept propelling me forward. 

Tips from my experience: 

  • Do at least 3. The first time or two, you’ll be paying attention to what’s happening, which I think blocks you from going deeper. Once you build up that trust in the process, you get to go deeper. By deeper, I mean really free to go where the guidance is taking you. I never felt asleep or like my mind was being toyed with at all. Mostly, it felt like a visualization exercise where I was incredibly relaxed. 
  • Use earbuds or AirPods. Since this was over the phone, I found that putting my AirPods or earbuds in was helpful. My dog was buggy on the first one, so one time I did the call from my Jeep so I had no interruptions. 
  • Write down what came up for you during & after the hypnosis while it’s fresh on your mind. 

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