Ever wonder about navigating big life changes while running a business?

Or mom guilt?

Or how NOT to get bogged down in the editing to sharing to printing process?

Our returning guest and Photographic Artist, Michelle McKay, covers all of that and more with us! 

Enjoy the story.

Welcome back!

As we stride into December, let’s talk for a sec on reflection & planning. Michelle’s big thoughts are a perfect example: 

She needed to be self-reliant and needed a lucrative business to support her life + livelihood. 

She needed to NOT be tied to rules, so she reinvented the way she titled herself to being a Photographic Artist.

She talked about how she battles with being present vs. being a seeker… and decided to lean into acceptance, trusting that her awareness of the two will guide her in her own right way.

Can you see how her insights have directly lead Michelle into alignment? She didn’t say that, but if you read between the lines… she’s created the sustainable, reliable business she needed. 

She faced the challenge of fitting in and cleared the weight that must have carried (I should know, just listen back to episode 66) by owning who she is. 

We all have the power to reframe the stories we tell ourselves, but the first step is heightening our awareness… in this case, self-awareness.

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