This is an oldie, but a goodie. We’re replaying the very FIRST episode on Intentional Documentary. 

Why? It’s just a good time of year to revisit this one. It was written for photographers, but anyone can benefit from these 8 little exercise to gain clarity on what matters most. If you’ve done this before, well, you’re in a new season now and it might be time to do them again or try a different exercise.

Enjoy the story. 


Complete one or two exercises from the show and then reflect:

What’s holding you back from living more connected to what matters most?

Get clear on that. Face it.

Whatever comes up, ask yourself if it’s true? Or is it fear?

Or part of a circumstance you can get help on?

How can you be resourceful?

Who can you ask for help? 

Get clear on what’s holding you back from connecting more often to what matters.

Tell me what comes up in a DM over on Dangerously Good Stories (IG). I’m happy to give you send you towards any resources that I know of. 

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