Have you ever been on the receiving end of being a friend’s second choice? You invite them to make plans with you, but they don’t know how to answer right away, like they have to think about it… even though you know damn well they know what they’re doing in 2 days from now (they just said they had no plans before you invited them)…. so you totally feel like they want to see if they get any better options before saying yes to you?

So often, THAT is how we treat our stories! 

We just assume they’ll always be there for us to fallback on in case the “more fun” plans fall apart. 

Our stories—the stories of our past and of the present—are more than just memories to enjoy inside of passing moments on our way to the next big thing. Let’s cultivate your 2020 stories… consider this a mini planning workshop that’s NOT all about the business, creativity, weight loss, lifestyle or home improvement goals. 

This is about the vitality of your stories. 


Have you started your 2020 planning? Each new year tends to bring a new set of goals for our businesses, our wellness, our home improvements, etc. 

2020 is also a chance to start a new story with someone who matters.

It’s a chance to start a new tradition or to cultivate a story that’s been quiet in the background.

It’s a chance to heal from our ghost stories that we’ve carried with us for too long.

These are 5 steps to cultivate your 2020 stories:

Listen to the full episode for details + examples on each step.

  1. Make a list of past stories.
  2. Out of those stories, look for the stories you want to keep alive.
  3. Make a list of your 2020 predicted stories and decide in advance how to experience them. 
  4. Look for the stories you want to heal from.
  5. Look for the stories that can elevate a relationship.

That’s it!

It’s literally THAT simple. We just have to do the work. If you can find 15 minutes in your week, you can make room for personal story management.

Can you already see how managing our stories plays a key role in the vitality of our stories? 

Can you see how different approaching 2020 can look when we don’t dive right into the typical “this is what I want to see happen in my business” type goals? 

I know my listeners pretty well and so I know self-improvement is ingrained in you. It’s wonderful, because it makes you the maker that you are. But, if it’s all we look at, we miss some beautiful opportunities to bring meaningfulness into our lives, relationships and even in the things we make. 

If you loved this episode, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of activities we’re doing all throughout 2020 — a full year — in the Tiny Story Society. 

The Tiny Story Society isn’t some new thing… sort of. It’s the iteration of my former program, The Preservation Project that was only 6 weeks long. 6 weeks wasn’t long enough! So, I’ve taken the many activity options in there and put them into a 52 week plan for us to do activities much like the exercise you heard today—once a week throughout 2020. 

I created this, because the end of the month process always looks the same…. we reflect on what happened, what didn’t happen and prepare for the next month. We move over what didn’t get done. We feel like we’re on an endless to-do list and so many of the things we say we want to do… and I’m not talking about taking up Pilates, but the meaningful bits—like pausing to say thank you to a loved one or to nurture our stories… these things get pushed to the bottom of our to-do list time and time again. 

I think this process is good for our creativity & our businesses, but I want to hold us accountable to prioritize meaningfulness by hosting Monthly Slow Down sessions, which will feel like guided mediations without the cheesy music, much like what I’ve called you to do in this episode.

We’ll focus on the meaningful people, places and stories of our lives all throughout the year. 

Note: This is not about documenting. You might document, but it’s not the central focus. This is about personal story management. This is about nurturing, honoring and benefiting from your own unique superpower: your stories. 

By the end of 2020, you’ll have a Tiny Story List that’ll make you feel nothing short of fulfilled when you look at it… no matter how behind you might feel on your goals and life. This list will be a well for your to draw from… to spark new stories and also to make your brand more personal by sharing these stories with your business audience. 

If you’ve felt a bit depleted and tired of the status quo and you’re an ambitious, family-centric creative, the Tiny Story Society was created for you. 

This is a call to push the pause button on Survival Mode in 2020.

You will pause and discover your dangerously good stories… the stories that can change everything. Click here to join the Tiny Story Society.

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